Même à 10 %, quand on emploie une personne, on acquiert 100% de ses connaissances et 100% de son réseau.

The Activis vision

At a time when Switzerland is experiencing a labour shortage and recruitment difficulties are on the increase, Activis is providing an innovative and sustainable solution to these problems, thanks to the network of specialised agencies within the Interiman Group.

As experts in recruitment and human resources management, we are convinced that the experience and skills of retirees can bring considerable added value to your organisation. Their professional experience, expertise and work ethic are invaluable assets in stimulating your company's growth. When it comes to seniors and retirees, almost half of those aged between 55 and 70 say they are prepared to work longer if certain arrangements are made. Through practical advice, tools and training, we can support you in this transition and help you to integrate retirees into your teams.

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Why hire a retiree?

There are many benefits to working with a retiree:

portrait d'une femme d'affaires âgée avec un ordinateur portable à lunettes à l'extérieur du bureau, concept de femme forte et indépendante

Willing and flexible staff

In addition to being trained and mastering their trade to perfection, they are very willing and show great flexibility. Older workers are more likely to seek part-time employment.

Un ouvrier frotte ses gants de travail pour les nettoyer

Unparalleled skills

Workers over 65 have spent more than 40 years in the labor market. They therefore benefit from extremely strong experience. Over the years, they have accumulated knowledge and enriched their skills, as well as their network, through meetings and collaborations.

Portrait d'un homme âgé, afro-américain, confiant, ingénieur professionnel, travailleur de la construction avec un casque de sécurité, entrepreneur, contremaître, debout à l'extérieur, sur un site, en gros plan, regardant l'appareil photo.

Relevant soft skills

Independent, hardworking, reliable, solid, mature, able to make decisions, etc.: these are some of the personal qualities of seniors. Assets that are acquired over time and years of experience.

Homme d'affaires senior prospère lors d'une réunion

Sharing ideas and knowledge

This helps create a more diverse workforce, which can bring new perspectives and ideas to the workplace. Older workers are also valuable mentors for their younger colleagues, sharing their experience and knowledge.

The challenges of working after 65

Living and working longer is a reality. A third of men and a quarter of women are already active beyond the normal retirement age.

The aging of the active population implies not only new orientations for our pension system but, also and above all, an adaptation of the labor market. And new challenges for companies and human resources departments, starting with the development and management of senior workers.

How to overcome the prejudices linked to ageism in the Swiss professional landscape? How to maintain the employability and motivation of older employees? How to organize and take advantage of the transmission of knowledge, without however neglecting the drudgery of work? How can the increase in part-time work be integrated into human resource planning?

There are as many questions as there are companies and scenarios. Activis offers you comprehensive support and an expert look at your issues to successfully meet the challenges specific to your business.

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Is your company aiming for a cutting-edge human resources management?

The solutions developed by Activis to anticipate and optimise the management of your employees aged 65 and over draw on the expertise of Interiman Group, the leading provider of HR solutions in Switzerland. Our experts, drawn from the Interiman Group's network of specialised agencies, can help you integrate retirees into your HR strategy through three service packages.

Our services

  • Payrolling

    to outsource the HR and administrative management of your retired employees with complete peace of mind.

  • Planning tools

    so that the organization of working hours and workstations is no longer a headache for your human resources managers.

  • Seminars and training

    to prepare your teams for the economic and managerial challenges of an inter-generational partnership within your company.

Our sectors of activity

We cover 6 business sectors:

  • Construction
  • Administration & support
  • Consulting / business management
  • Hospitality
  • Industry
  • Health

To benefit from local expertise specific to each trade, we work with the 66 specialist agencies belonging to the Interiman Group network.

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