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Activis is a reception and guidance platform and a member of the Interiman Group, Switzerland's leading personnel placement company. Our experience enables us to support you in your post-retirement project and provide answers to your questions.

Activis is a reception and guidance platform and a member of the Interiman Group, Switzerland's leading personnel placement company. Our experience enables us to support you in your post-retirement project and provide answers to your questions.

Everyone has a unique experience to offer. Let us help you find your place and make the most of your experience. Contact us to start your new professional adventure and discover the opportunities that await you.

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Each year, in Switzerland, more and more working people choose to continue their professional activity after the ordinary retirement age, most often on a part-time basis.

Whether for financial reasons, for the love of one’s work or to keep a professional occupation, this decision is not insignificant and has social, legal and professional implications.

Let’s go together through the different questions you may ask.

Continuing to work after retirement age affects your pension terms. Here are some practical answers to your questions about the AHV (OASI), the pension fund and the third pillar.

AHV (OASI) annuities and pension fund: postponement or payment?

First option

You have two options: either you postpone the payment of your first-pillar AHV (OASI) pension to later receive a slightly higher pension, or you receive an OASI pension while you continue working. But in this case, beware of the increase in your taxation! To avoid this, you can maintain the payments in your pillar 3a to reduce your taxable income while optimizing your pension.

Second option

Also, depending on the pension fund, you can defer the payment of your second pillar pension until the end of your 70th year. Contact your pension fund to find out if you can continue to pay your pension contributions. The deferral has no impact on your funds. With regard to the conversion rate, on the other hand, the postponement of the pension can be positive: depending on the pension fund, you will receive a higher pension.
Finally, you can also defer the payment of pillar 3a retirement benefits and make contributions with tax benefits for you for a maximum of 5 years. As soon as your activity ends, all of your assets in the 3a account must be withdrawn. They are paid as a single lump-sum benefit and taxed at a reduced rate, separately from other income. To optimize this, you can open several 3a accounts and receive the assets in stages during the years preceding the cessation of gainful activity, in a staggered manner over different tax years.


You must continue to pay AHV (OASI) contributions after the ordinary retirement age, on the part of the salary above the deductible of 1,400 francs per month, or 16,800 francs per year with the same employer (which can choose how it calculates it).

Good to know: from 2024, AHV (OASI) contributions paid after age 65 will be taken into account up to the maximum pension.


The employer continues to insure you against occupational accidents. This includes non-professional accidents, if you work at least 8 hours per week. While it is optional for the employer to take out daily sickness benefits insurance for you, it remains obliged to pay a full salary according to the Swiss system, even if the sick employee has reached retirement age.

BVG 2nd pillar

In principle, the obligation to contribute to the pension fund ends at the AHV (OASI) retirement age. In some funds, it is possible that the regulations allow you to contribute more. These provisions are to be checked on a case-by-case basis.


You will no longer have a deduction for unemployment insurance because the right to unemployment benefits ceases at retirement age.

While deferring your pensions may be more advantageous from a tax point of view, since salaries plus 1st and 2nd pillar pensions are taxed together as income, the deferment mainly benefits people who receive high salaries and/or who rely on the maximum deferral time.

For more information, you should consult the tax specialist of your choice.

3 working models

Depending on your needs, different types of commitment are available to you. Choose the work model that suits you and meets your expectations.

  • Open-ended part-time contract

    The best option if you want stability and a fixed and regular remuneration

  • Fixed-term contract

    By opting for fixed-term jobs, you define the duration of your commitment as well as your working time. You can thus opt for short-term assignments, allowing you to vary your activities.

  • Work on mandate

    Do you dream of flexibility? Work on mandate in complete freedom and serenity. In order to benefit from the security of an employee, we recommend that you opt for a wage portage solution.

Our sectors of activity

We cover 6 business sectors:

  • Construction
  • Administration & support
  • Consulting / business management
  • Hospitality
  • Industry
  • Health

To benefit from local expertise specific to each trade, we work with the 66 specialist agencies belonging to the Interiman Group network.

Our services

We support retired people in their return to the job market by providing advice and helping them to find work, thanks to our network of specialist agencies.

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Personal situation audit

Individual interview to analyze the legal aspects and propose practical measures to enable retirees to remain competitive in the job market: training, looking for a job in the digital era, updating your resume, and highlighting your key skills.

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Access to a vast network of partner companies

66 specialized agencies throughout Switzerland providing local support.

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Flexible planning of your work

We have HR tools enabling us to plan your jobs according to your availability and your desired work time.

Do you want to continue or resume working in retirement?

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Activis advises you at each stage of your project.

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    Fill out the contact form

    The first contact takes place electronically. In just a few clicks, you can share with us your profile and your expectations by filling out the contact form. This allows us to have some essential information to prepare for the next meeting.

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    We will call you back within 48 hours

    The second step is a telephone contact. One of our advisers gathers your needs and offers you the solutions best suited to your expectations. If necessary, this contact is supplemented by a physical or virtual interview.

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    Specialized recruitment agency

    Activis puts you in contact with a recruitment expert specializing in your field of activity within our network of agencies.

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