Why Activis?

The shortage of skilled labour and the ageing of the population in Switzerland are causing a shift in the labour market. To tackle the growing recruitment difficulties, Activis is providing a sustainable solution to these problems, thanks to its network of specialised agencies within the Interiman Group.

With Activis, an employment reorientation platform for seniors and retirees, we offer an innovative and responsible solution to the talent shortage in Switzerland and support retirees wishing to return to a flexible professional activity.

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Working in retirement:

a structural or cyclical trend?

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Switzerland is the European leader for work after 65.

In fact, according to figures for 2021, 18% of our elders are still active after retirement age and the level of qualification of older workers is significantly higher than 10 years ago, a trend that is increasing year by year. The importance of older workers in the labor market is constantly increasing.

And for good reason! The last baby boomers will reach retirement age around 2030 and at the same time, the Swiss birth rate remains among the lowest in the world. While the available and qualified labor force in Switzerland is constantly decreasing, employment opportunities are increasingly numerous. These mainly benefit 65-year-old workers, many of whom wish to continue working after the legal retirement age. Increasing your income, looking after yourself, maintaining relationships with society as a whole and feeling useful are all reasons to postpone retirement.

At Activis, we are convinced the share of older workers will continue to grow in the coming years. And that the economic and social effects will benefit the entire population.

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The Interiman Group managers have always been interested in the job market transformations impacting the work of seniors after retirement age. Here is an overview of their latest interventions on the subject:

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Activis is a subsidiary of Interiman Group, the leading Swiss company in staff search. Our expertise in the field of human resources is well established. Thus, we can rely on our 66 specialized agencies spread across the whole country, on effective business tools, and on our perfect mastery of the Swiss employment sector.

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